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 Blue Mars Volunteer Program
--Glenn Sanders: May 14, 2010

The goal of Volunteers is to reward Blue Mars players who are guides and mentors to new players.

It's pretty simple.  You spend time in Blue Mars where new members are exploring.  Greet them, chat, answer questions, and show them around if they need help.  It's fun and rewarding to meet new people from around the Metaverse and welcome them to the new blue planet!

In return, we will provide a special Volunteer T-shirt, plus when they are built, we’ll give you a free apartment in Blue Mars for each month that you are an active volunteer.  Whatta deal!

I will announce the start of the program and the hours required on our forum as soon as the first apartments are available.

In the meantime, write to Volunteers@avatar-reality.com and tell us your UserID (the one in the parentheses), and that you want to become a volunteer. We will contact you as soon as we start our volunteer training. In the meantime, you can explore and learn about Blue Mars, then hang out in the Welcome Area and greet newcomers.

Note: we're receiving many volunteer emails (thanks!!). So we may not be able to respond to every one. But you will definitely be added to the volunteer list to participate in the program.

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 What we do

Some ways to be friendly:

  • Say hello and welcome people.
  • Invite them to be friends.
  • Start a conversation
  • Show them how to use actions, interactions, personal messaging
  • Spin things positively.  For example, if someone says they hate Blue Mars, respect that opinion and try to tell them what you like about it.  You can also ask them for constructive suggestions
  • Stay away from arguing.  If someone is pushing your hot buttons, just back off and stop responding, before losing your cool.
  • If you encounter a controversial issue to bring to my attention or to the attention of the guides, please email me as opposed to posting in the forums.

Know what's going on Here's where you can find out what's happening in Blue Mars

Answer questions

  • FAQ (original company list)
  • Check our forum thread with our own answers to current hot issues
  • Help them create their identity (face, shopping, changing clothes etc.)
  • Help them move (arrows, clicking, moving from city to city)
  • Help them understand the interface (camera angle, settings, etc.)
  • Help them find answers in other places (guidebook, tutorials, forums)
  • Show them where to post problems in the Bug Reporting section of the forum
  • Show them how to report behavior issues and technical problems at the Help-Desk

Point people to fun things to do

  • Make sure they know about upcoming events (See sources above.)
  • Use the white board in the welcome area with the latest twitter message
  • Know at least one cool spot to show them
  • Check our forum thread of Volunteer favorite spots
  • Have at least one upcoming activity to tell them about
  • Let them know the most likely places to encounter other members


Preparation Tasks

  • Read over the FAQ and be sure you know what's there
  • Visit each of our worlds and check for changes, interesting things to do, interesting places
  • Let us know if any of the FAQ answers or other information sources is outdated
  • Add to our forums with interesting spots or other information you think will be helpful to the volunteers
  • If you are a developer, practice with one of the developer tools so you can be prepared for member questions
  • Let them know the most likely places to encounter other members


 Program Details


  • Spend time welcoming new members in designated welcoming areas for at least 3 hours in each month (5 for super-active status)
  • Befriend new members, show them around, answer their questions. Expected: Befriend 15 new members each month (30 for super-active status)
  • Attend and assist as possible with special events
  • Spread information regarding events and projects supported by the Community Team in Blue Mars
  • Keep informed regarding changes in Blue Mars that affect the general member experience
  • Keep informed regarding Volunteer projects and events
  • Maintain a good rapport with new members
  • Present a positive attitude toward Blue Mars, its partners, developers and other volunteers.


  • New volunteers will meet with Josie to go over these notes
  • In the future we may ask volunteers to train new volunteers


  • Members who complete orientation will receive a Blue Mars volunteer shirt, and become an official Blue Mars Volunteer.
  • Volunteers who serve at the SuperActive level will receive free rent on a Blue Mars apartment each month


  • Active Status
    • If a member fails to meet the basic expectations during one month, they will be on probationary status with the volunteer program for one month in the expectation that they will return to active level.
    • If a member fails to meet the minimal expectations for two consecutive months, his status as a volunteer will be suspended until he/she can return to the program and participate at a minimal level.
  • Super-Active Status
    • Members meeting the expectations for super-active status described above will be entitled to free rent in the designated apartments for that month
    • If a member who was super-active in one month fails to meet those expectations in the following month, they may still retain their rent free apartment for one month in the expectation that they will return to super-active participation level.
    • If a super-active member fails to meet the those expectations for two consecutive months, will be listed as active if he has met the requirements for active service. 
    • If a super-active members fails to meet status for active service for two consecutive months, his status as a volunteer will be suspended until he/she can return to the program and participate at a minimal level.
  • All Volunteers:  If a volunteer exercises behavior inappropriate for the program, they will be removed from the program immediately.  This behavior includes violations of TOS, actions detrimental to Blue Mars or its economy, actions demonstrating poor behavior toward other members

 Safety Tips and Behavior

Safety Tips for Members:

  • Encourage members to keep confidential information such as their passwords safe and difficult to guess.  They must not share passwords, and Blue Mars staff will never ask for their passwords in world.
  • Be very cautious about sharing personal information. It's best to keep your personal identification off-line.
  • Be cautious when downloading 3rd party plug ins.  Blue Mars does not provide technical support on these plug ins and they may contain malicious spy ware or viruses.
  • Teach others how to report and protect themselves from abusers.

Safety Tips for Volunteers

  • When members seem troubled and appear to be looking for personal advice, please encourage them to seek help in the real world.  Resist taking on the role of counselor, even if the members are pushing you in that direction.
  • Please let the staff know if you observe anyone who is behaving in a way that could be dangerous to himself or others. Do not try to handle these situations yourself, don't make accusations, don't investigate. Just report what you see if the behavior alarms you.

Follow the TOS

  • Treat others in a fair and respectful manner.
  • Use Blue Mars as intended, not for stirring drama, advertising other services, or taking actions detrimental to our service or to other individuals or groups.
  • Follow the laws where you are and the federal laws of the USA.
  • No impersonation of Blue Mars staff or other users.
  • Do not interfere with the enjoyment of others in Blue Mars through any means including: sexually inappropriate comments, hacking ( or threats of hacking), maliciousness, spamming, slander or rumors.
  • Respect the intellectual and physical property of others
  • Do not try to engage behavior problems yourself.  Alert the staff to handle these issues.

Report inappropriate behavior to our HelpDesk:

  1. Create a new account, if you have not created a HelpDesk ticket before.
  2. Log in.
  3. Click the Request button at the top of the page.
  4. In the Request Type menu box, select Abuse.
  5. Include:
    • the (UserID) of the member
    • Date (ex: June 12, 2010) and the time (15:21)
    • Location (ex: Welcome Area, near the pool)
    • Attach a screenshot if possible
    • Any other important details

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