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Fan Sites and Blogs about Blue Mars
  --Glenn Sanders, Community Director :: Updated: Sep. 07, 2010 ::
The Blue Mars network of interconnected 3D social worlds is filled with people, content, environments and games that are created by and for the global community.  So it's no surprise that members of the Blue Mars family are creating fansites, blogs and videos about Blue Mars.  Here are the ones we know about.  We encourage you to visit them and help spread the word by blogging, tweeting and posting about these awesome sites.

Fan Sites and Blogs
3deality Sailor's Point (future City!)
AlphaKlata's blog
Amun Ra's blog
Arzach's blog with outfits     New!
Blue Mars on
Blue News
Blue World Notes
Caledonia in Blue Mars (City!)
Danielle Eber's Clothing     New!
Daniel Ravennest's blog
Daniel Ravennest's BM
info center in Second Life
David Cheney postcards
Davy Rocket - DRX Designs (City)
Dudestarship's blog
Dudestarship's blog2
Eddie Haskell's Blue Mars Times
Estelle Parnalls Virtual Fashion     Updated!
GridRock City (City!)
IDIA Lab (4 New Worlds!)     New!
Koinup Blue Mars group
Koinup Blue Mars machinima
Lizzie Lexington
Mako Magellan's fan sites     Updated!

Marlii's Blue Martian Mode
Metavercity fan site
Rock's blog
Rock's fan site
Rock's FAQ
SL forum about Blue Mars
Shiny Iceberg (Czech)
Tertius Prime (future City!)
Tinsel Silvera
Virtual Advisor (electronic music in Blue Mars!)
VSE (New Venice, and Venezia!)
Wild West Games (future City!)
Youniverse 1.2
Yukimaru (日本語)
Zetsumei's blog

Official Blue Mars Media


Flickr Fan Groups

Blue Mars 1
Blue Mars 2
Blue Mars Avatars
Blue Mars Videos
IDIA Lab   New!
From SL to Blue Mars

Videos and Machinima

IDIA Lab on Youtube   New!
Danielle Eber Videos & Tutorials
Koinup Blue Mars machinima
Youtube Blue Mars Playlists Playlist 1
Youtube Blue Mars Playlists Playlist 2


Blue Mars FAQ en français Nikho has translated our FAQ into French
仮想世界の雪丸日記 (日本語)
Czech Virtual! Magazine Czech language magazine about virtual worlds

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Community > Fan Sites and Blogs

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