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 Blue Mars Events
--Josie: June 7, 2011

Looking for events in Blue Mars?  View our event calendar.

Planning an event in Blue Mars?  Excellent!  We will help you promote it. How to schedule an event.

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This Week's Highlight Events!!
This Week's Highlight Street View Virtual Tours

Next Tour Date:
Tuesday, Sept 20;
3 pm PDT, 6pm EDT, 11pm GMT

Join us on a guided virtual tour using the Google Street View chat feature in Blue Mars Lite.

Stroll around the beaches of Hawaii, the Strip in Vegas, or anywhere else you'd like to go!

 Event Calendar  (view it on google.com) ^ TOP 

 Time Zones ^ TOP 

All events on the calendar are shown in Pacific Standard Time.  Noon PDT = 3pm EDT = 8pm GMT

Current Pacific Time is       See other current times here.

 Planning an Event in Blue Mars ^ TOP 

Events on our calendar should be open, friendly, and appropriate for all members.  They should be well planned and hosted and in accordance with TOS of course.  We are particularly looking to add events in European times, on weekends, and for language groups, such as French, Japanese, and more!

  1. Please refer to our events calendar above when planning your Blue Mars event.  The calendar lists events in PDT (Pacific Daylight Time).  Don't worry, you will find time zone conversion assistance below.

  2. If you would like to plan your own event, please find a time that does not conflict with previously scheduled events.

  3. Send email to community@avatar-reality.com with the following information, so we can help you publicize your event: 
    1. Your UserID (the one in the parentheses). 
    2. Name of the event
    3. Time of the event including time zone. (ex. 13:00 to 14:30 PDT)
    4. Event Description in 50 words or less.
    5. Location (be sure you get approval from the world owner first)
    6. Screenshots or images you want used in the publicity.
    7. Any other information we should know
 Directions to Bowling ^ TOP 
  • Download Beach City and go there.
  • Find the map at the bus stop, and click the blue pin on the right (if you are facing the street).
  • This will take you to the Bowling Alley.
  • Walk to Bowling Alley and enter.
  • Join a room by walking to an alley where people have set up a room
  • Click the Multiplayer option
  • Find the room listed, click, and join
  • Click join again.
  • Wait for the host of the room to start the game
  • When it's your turn, use the right mouse button to position the ball
  • Then use the left mouse button to throw the ball by flinging the cursor very quickly up, right, or left

 Follow the TOS  (terms of service) ^ TOP 
  • Treat others in a fair and respectful manner.
  • Use Blue Mars as intended, not for stirring drama, advertising other services, or taking actions detrimental to our service or to other individuals or groups.
  • Follow the laws where you live, and the federal laws of the USA.
  • No impersonation of Blue Mars staff or other users.
  • Do not interfere with the enjoyment of others in Blue Mars through any means including: sexually inappropriate comments, hacking (or threats of hacking), maliciousness, spamming, slander or rumors.
  • Respect the intellectual and physical property of others
  • Do not try to confront behavior problems yourself.  Alert the staff to handle these issues.

Report inappropriate behavior to Blue Mars Support.

  • Include:
    • the (UserID) of the member
    • Date (ex: June 12, 2010) and the time (15:21)
    • Location (ex: Welcome Area, near the pool)
    • Attach a screenshot if possible
    • Any other important details

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